What inspires our contact lens designs?

Your eyes are our inspiration. We work tirelessly to create contact lenses that work in harmony with your unique eyes, the lifestyle you live and your vision correction needs.

Performance in Challenging Environments

Do you spend hours sitting in front of a computer? Are you exposed to dry or dusty environments? Any one of these situations can take a toll on your eyes. That is why we created contact lenses that provide exceptional comfort and help minimises eye tiredness.

Beauty Enhancement

Looking to enhance your eyes with beauty lenses? Without compromising health, safety and comfort, our designs feature translucent layers to accentuate, not hide your natural eye beauty.

UV Protection

You’ve always heard about protecting your skin from UV, but what about your eyes? Prolonged and excessive exposure to UV radiation increases the risks of eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Dedicated to protect your eye health, ACUVUE® provides high UV protection‡ - the only brand of contact lenses with internationally recognised standard of UV protection across its entire range of products.

For maximum protection, combine ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses in your daily routine with sunglasses and a hat.

Most Trusted Brand by Eye Care Professionals Globally

At ACUVUE®, we are committed to bring healthy vision to everyone, every day.

We value our commitment by providing the highest quality products and services in strong partnership with Eye Care Professionals across the globe.

Trust is Earned. ACUVUE®: The Most Trusted Brand by Eye Care Professionals Globally.†

Helps protect against transmission of harmful UV radiation to the cornea and into the eye. WARNING: UV-absorbing contact lenses are NOT substitutes for protective UV-absorbing eyewear such as UV-absorbing goggles or sunglasses because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. You should continue to use UV-absorbing eyewear as directed. NOTE: Long-term exposure to UV radiation is one of the risk factors associated with cataracts. Exposure is based on a number of factors such as environmental conditions (altitude, geography, cloud cover) and personal factors (extent and nature of outdoor activities). UV-blocking contact lenses help provide protection against harmful UV radiation. However, clinical studies have not been done to demonstrate that wearing UV-blocking contact lenses reduces the risk of developing cataracts or other eye disorders. Consult your eye care practitioner for more information.

Surveyed 12/16 to 2/17. Aggregated sample comprises 1050 eye care professionals from the US, UK, Russia, Japan, and South Korea markets – over ⅔ of global contact lens retail sales.